SUNRISE #1 & #2 - A story about a monster searching for the sun
After waking up early from his winter hibernation as the brief winter sun peaks over the mountains - our Silent Little Monster friend is unimpressed when it disappears again! Thoroughly annoyed with spending half of their life sleeping, they sets off in search of the sun, and a little warmth.

Potemia and the Tea Party
A table-top story of mishaps, treasure and an angry barbarian.

A small diary comic about our dog, Lupin. ONLY available to Patreon Patrons.

Artist on Project

Sugarglider Stories #2
Daniel Clifford, Gary Bainbridge, Heather L Sheppard & Various Artists and writers
An anthology of Stories from the Sugar Glider universe

Eye Of Stone – Unseen Shadows
CyDethan, Barry Nugent, Nic Wilkinson, Heather L Sheppard
To be in an Unseen Shadows anthology of stories from Barry Nugent’s Unseen Shadows universe. To Be Released.

Sunrise Lupin Potemia and the Tea Party Sugar Glider Stories 2 Eye of Stone Teaceratops comics
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