Heather L Sheppard is a freelance illustrator for comics, games and books.

She has been selling her own work since the age of 13, and has been making comics and games professionally for well over a decade, for herself and other entities. Heather's most popular self-created work is her self published SUNRISE comic, which has sold over 6000 copies of issue #1 world wide.
Heather first got into comics in her early teens after spending more time in hospital than school. She is a firm believer that comics and games can be used for distraction therapy for people with medical conditions that require a large amount of pain management, and would like to continue to help others who struggle daily with chronic pain, by creating the kind of comics and games that the reader or player can escape in to.
Heather currently lives in Bangalore, India with her long-term partner, and their adopted INDog, Lupin.

Favourite Comic Creators
G. Willow Wilson, Fiona Staples, David Petersen, Adrian Alphona, Gail Simone, Lea Hernandez, Becky Cloonan, Robert Kirkman, Craig Thompson, Brian K Vaughan, Warwick Johnson Cadwell, Katie Rice and more.

Published In;
More Super Cute Chibis to Draw and Paint - Fez Baker (Quarto Publishing),
SUNRISE #1& #2 (comixology) - Heather L Sheppard,
Sugardrops (Sweatdrop Anthology),
Sugar Glider Stories 2 - Daniel Clifford, Gary Bainbridge & various contributers,
Unseen Shadows - Barry Nugent, Cy Dethan, Nic Wilkinson & various contributers (coming soon)

Teaceratops comics
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